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VTouch Fractional RF


Viora’s V-touch fractional RF system delivers superior results – and is less painful, safer and ensures a more controlled treatment experiences. The revolutionary SVC™ technology for fractional RF delivers a level of safety and control that allows you to treat areas considered more difficult, such as the neck, decollete and hands. Combined with propriety CORE™ bi-polar technology, V-touch offers the ideal solution for your practice.

Why Physicians love V-touch

Recognizing the importance in enabling practitioners to regulate pulse durations during treatments, Viora’s V-touch delivers unprecedented penetration depth control to physicians. Allowing them to determine the desired biological response, all within one device.
The ability to choose an ablative or coagulative solution via the use of one system gives practitioners a significant clinical advantage – the ability to customize their treatments according to patient’s specific needs.

The Technology behind V-touch

Viora integrates its groundbreaking RF technologies, CORE™ and SVC™ within one device, to make V-touch a powerful solution for practitioners. CORE™, Viora’s multi-frequency technology is widely known for offering practitioners the flexibility to treat a patient’s entire body by controlling depths of penetration. CORE™ is also popular for speeding up treatment time.
SVC™ technology gives physicians full control in changing the length and depth of the RF pulse, so treatments can be tailored to individual patient’s needs. A second feature, Smart Heat, improves efficiency as lower energy levels can be used for precision treatments and better results. With SVC™ you can treat difficult areas such as the neck, décolleté, and hands.
Both V-touch’s vacuum and cooling feature work to prevent burns, reduce pain, and speed up the recovery process.
Advanced combination protocols have been developed to maximize the efficacy of V-touch treatments and deliver outstanding clinical outcomes.


  • Dual-function RF system for fractional skin resurfacing & renewal, and bi-polar skin tightening
  • Advanced fractional treatments enhanced by innovative SVC™ Technology for a more effective, safer and more comfortable treatment
  • Multiple applications to grow your practice and increase ROI
  • Touch screen controls with pre-set programs and advanced operation options
  • Safer and less painful treatments for patients

SVC™ – powered fractional RF

SVC™ technology brings together a patented combination of switching, vacuum and cooling mechanisms to increase the efficacy of fractional RF and deliver superior results. SVC™ technology enables you to apply fractional resurfacing and focused coagulation using an array of electrodes to pinpoint the source of symptoms in the areas to be treated – leaving surrounding tissue unharmed. This reduces trauma and shortens healing time.
The ideal choice for skin resurfacing and rejuvenation, your patients will enjoy long-lasting clinical results and minimal discomfort.

Skin tightening powered by CORE™

Proven CORE™ (Channelling Optimized RF Energy)-powered multi frequency channels add an important bi-polar RF option for skin tightening and lifting. CORE bi-polar RF contracts tissue fibers for immediate smoothing and tightening results.
CORE™ technology, with four different treatment modes, balances frequency. Intensity and an integrated skin cooling system to ensure the safest and most effective skin tightening results. CORE™ offers three individual frequency modes and a fourth Multi-Channel Mode which simultaneously incorporates all three in a single pulse. Thinner, more sensitive areas are treated using a higher frequency, while thicker, deeper areas are treated with lower frequency or the Multi-Channel Mode.


  • Facial resurfacing and rejuvenation
  • Epidermal texture and tone improvement
  • Multiple applications to grow your practice and increase ROI
  • Acne scar correction
  • Skin tightening
  • Scar reduction
  • Skin lifting

V-Touch Clinical Photos