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Vlax Elite Muscle Soothing Band

Vlax Elite Muscle Soothing Band

Unique 3-dimensional massage head integrated with the acts of Traditional Chinese Medicine Massage: PUSH, KNEAD, TAKE, POINT, PRESS and DEEP PRESS. Ideal to use for massage areas such as shoulder, neck, back, waist, abdomen, calf and arm.

  • 8 4D Massage Heads
  • 1 Button Control
  • 15 mins Auto Timer
  • 6 Rhythms
  • 1.6kg Lightweight

Far-Infrared Hyperthermia

Far-infrared rays are electromagnetic waves, which can transmit and diffuse heat into the body and resonate with molecules of the human body. The effect is remarkable. It can promote the expansion of micro blood vessels, improve blood circulation, promote metabolism and then increasing the body’s immune system, relieve pain, relax muscle swelling.

Rare Earth / Negative Ion Energy

Rare earths are made up of 17 or more natural aore elements including loess, vermiculite, bluestones, tourmaline and jadeite. All of these minerals releases negative ion energy.

What is Negative Ion?

In everybody’s daily life, they are actually exposed to negative ions. Negative ions are negatively charges particles in the atmosphere. They exists in water, air and soil and are considered to be natural cleaners and vitamins in the air. However, with the impact of climate and other factors, the negative ion content will gradually decrease, affecting health.

The effect of low anion content on the human body?

For a long period of time in a closed space, the negative ion content is extremely low which can lead to fatique, lack of energy, headache, insomnia, decreased resistance and impeded blood circulation and metabolic rate.

What are the benefits of negative ions to the human body?

Improve autonomic nerves, help antioxidants, neutralize human positive ions, increase resistance, boost immunity, balance body PH, promote cell activation, improve metabolism and promote blood circulation.