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6D Kinesiology Tape with Handles

6D Tape is designed for physio and lymphatic therapy, as well as self-administered care. With the unique 6D Tape handles the tissue can be mobilized in 6 dimensions.

The mobilization has a positive impact on the lymphatic system, blood circulation, fascia, muscles and joints without limiting their functions.


The base material is unique and skin friendly kinesiology tape. The 6D Tape is
made of 98% cotton. The base material is elastic, with 135% – 170% stretch ability. The handle material is non-elastic. The material including the handles is breathable and water resistant.


Soft gel adhesive reduces pain and damage to skin on removal by conforming to the rough surface of skin. The acrylic adhesive is heat-activated with a gentle rub, and the bond reaches its maximum strength in 15 minutes time. Moreover, it realizes the high adhesive with the conformity to the skin’s rough surface.