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Plason Plasma Toning, Whitening, Lifting & Purify

About PlaSon

PlaSon of Seoulin Medicare is developed based on the atmospheric pressure plasma and ultrasonic technology. The system can be used in separate function of PlasmaPoratioTM and SonoPorationTM or can be used in combination of both. It is effectively used in transdermal drug absorption wrinkles, scar, peels, inflammation and wound healing. By opening up the skin with PlasmaPoration and driving drug absorption with SonoPoration, it is an ultimate TDDS system that one can ever dream of.


    • TDDS (Transdermal Drug Delivery)
    • Skin Regeneration
    • Dermal Wrinkles
    • Purification
      • TDDS
      • Skin Regeneration
      • Toning Effect
      • Sterilization

Plason Poration Clinical Papers

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