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Pilose W Series

Pilose W (Women)

Pilose W
  • Non - Paraben

  • Non - Silicon 

  • Non - Sulfate

PILOSE W hair Care set consists of the Condensed Revitalizing Shampoo and Revitalizing Follicle Spray.

PILOSE W Condensed Revitalizing Shampoo uses vegetables amino acid/naturally derived surfactant. It cleanses the scalp with mild and soft micro-bubbles to minimize irritation to the delicate and sensitive scalp, improving the scalp and hair environment.

PILOSE W  Revitalizing Follicle Spray tonic targets the scalp and surrounding area. Effectively absorbs advanced nutrients.

Flax Seed Extract 

Activating Female Hormones

Zinc, Pyrithione, Climazole  

Control Sebum production

Caffeoyl Decapeptide-17

Strengthening hair follicle


Promotes blood circulation in the hair follicles.

Oleanolic Acid

Anti-bacterial, ceramide promotion, anti-oxidant

Female Pattern Hair Loss

Hair loss in women is associated with the change in levels of the Androgen Dihydrotesterone (DHT). Female pattern hair loss may be accelerated by different factors like stress and hectic lifestyles.

It is also caused by hormonal changes due to pregnancy/childbirth, intake of oral medication and menopause. It is characteristic in that the hair around the crown of the head thins out and expands around the parted areas.

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