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EVE Ace of Face

Multi - Function Facial

Hydra and Diamond Peel

  • Cleanses, exfoliates, extracts, and hydrates the skin simultaneously

LED 415nm

  • Provides sterilization to remove bacteria on the skin

Facial EMS

  • Stimulates muscles for tightening and toning effects


  • Stimulates skin cells, boosts collagen regeneration, and rejuvenates skin

How EMS / Microcurrent works

Microcurrent electrotherapy uses low μA currents to boost ATP and protein production, essential for cellular energy metabolism. This process enhances skin cell metabolism and lymphatic massage, all while being barely perceptible to the body.

EMS / Hydra-Peel / Diamond Peel / LED 415nm / Micro-Current

EVE combines three unique technologies of EMS, Microcurrent, and Hydra dermabrasion in one device to conveniently provide users with a variety of treatment programs. It has been developed from a user-centred perspective, maximizing user convenience by enabling quick and smooth procedures by composing tips for various purposes and professional functions that were not previously available.

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