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Duo Hydrogen

Triple Hydrogen Care

Duo Hydrogen Water Care:

  • Penetrates pores deeply, efficiently removing fine dust and dead skin due to small molecule size

Ozone Water Care:

  • Sterilizes water, preventing acne by killing bacteria without irritation

Duo Solution Therapy:

  • Combines cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, and hydration in one step

Triple Hydrogen Therapy

DUO Hydrogen performs three functions simultaneously: sterilized water management, hydrogen water management, and aqua peel management using soft water ingredients.

Ozone Water Care 

Removes microbes from sebaceous glands and hair follicles with ozone-sterilized water particles smaller than skin pores.

Hydrogen Water Care

Eliminates free radicals with 1600ppb high-concentration hydrogen, enhancing natural moisture and reducing aging.

Triple Hydrogen Therapy
DUO Hydrogen helps to remove various wastes, fine dust and free radicals. It is a perfect first treatment before any skin improvement procedures.

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