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Corage 2.0

Quantum Molecula Resonance Wave

Generates 16 peaks of multi-frequencies at intervals of 4Mhz in the range from 4 to 64MHz, surpassing typical RF machines with frequencies from 0.51MHz to 1MHz.

  • World -Patented

  • Naturally stimulate Type 3 Collagen Generation

  • Cell Regeneration

  • Increase of dermis thickness (0.2 ~0.3mm)

  • Skin Texture Improvement

  • Acne Improvement

  • Atopic Dermatitis

Corage is a resonance wave generating device

It directly stimulates cells and ECMs activation and growth factors, through resonance wave. Also, it induces cell activation and cell Regeneration. Without using a heat induced immunological cascade as in general RF devices. 

Broadband Multi RF Spectrum

16 main frequencies between 4MHz to 64MHz, create various frequencies to radiate resonance wave. 

Cell Fit (Fitness)

Through the direct stimulation of cells, it induces cellular activity spontaneously. 

Natural Regeneration 

Autonomous cellular activty promote natural regeneration of the tissues.

Molecular Resonant Energy With 16 Frequencies For Cell Regeneration

  • More Powerful

  • New Tech, New Handpiece

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