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Bellalux Lite

High Power LED

4 wavelengths to choose and able to emit all simultaneously or individually.

  • 625nm - Hair Regrowth, Skin Rejuvenation,

Collagen Remodelling

  • 592nm - Skin Rejuvenation, Pigmentation,

Wound Healing

  • 460nm - Active Acne, Sebum Reduction

  • 850nm - Suppress the production of melanin

Stronger effect, Lighter Weight

Possile to irradiate 3 wavelengths at the same time and possible to carry out skin and scalp management with proven equipment through regular clinical trials. 

BellaLux Lite is a new generation of real power LED (Light Emitting Diodes) which is narrowband light of 460nm, 592nm, 625nm and 850nm for treating a wide range of anti-ageing including acne, wrinkle reduction, whitening, improving healing times, hair growing and pain management.

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