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Pure Fractional Yellow & Infrared Laser

The only solid-state laser producing both 589nm & 1319nm wavelengths 

  • Patented PulSync Technology 

  • 25 FDA / CE 

     - Acne 

     - Vascular Lesions 

     - Melasma 

     - Skin Rejuvenation

Based on patented PulSync Technology

ADVATx uses patented PulSync technology with two laser modules: one emitting 1064nm and the other 1319nm. A shared Q-Switch modulates both to create synchronized pulsed light. These pulses pass through a non-linear crystal (LBO), combining the wavelengths to produce 589nm yellow light or alternatively 1319nm, depending on the treatment goals.

Combining the gold standard wavelength for eliminating vascular abnormalities with the new gold standard for non-ablative resurfacing, the ADVATx allows the provider to treat 25 FDA/CE-cleared indications without using consumables: one device, multiple stand-alone and combination therapies.

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