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Five Pro Knee Support

Five Pro Knee Support

Against knee arthritis, accumulation of strain degeneration, knee sprain pain, swelling and inflammation.

Professional Joint Care Protector

FivePro 5 in 1 Joint protector, comprehensively protect your joint and muscle, combine with far infrared energy hot therapy, anion power, moxibustion, cold compression therapy and magneto-therapy, provide us with choices in accordance with different pain. This product can improve blood circulation, metabolism relieve muscle pain and join discomfort. This product passes the safety test in HK, EU and USA.

Far infrared thermotherapy

  • Far infrared is a kind of electromagnetic waves, we make use of nano-activated carbon fiber to product infrared and heat in order to promote blood circulation and thus effectively reduce pain. The thermal penetration and durablility of infrared is better as the energy generated by infrared is greater than general hot water bottle or hot-emmitting pad.
  • Hyperthermia is based on the idea that heat can induce dilation of blood vessels of the affected area, so as to speed up the metabolism and also allow the speedy healing of soft tissue; Meanwhile, heat can also relax muscles tension. As hyperthermia will increase the affected area of blood circulation, patients suffer from acute trauma (swelling and pain) should avoid using.

Anion energy: Negative Ion

  • Effective expansion of blood vessels to strengthen blood circulation.
  • Energized anion in the nature can increase the permeability of cell membrane, activation of cell metabolism, and also gradually reduce the health damages caused by the acid, oxidation, reactive oxygen species, lactic acid and other substances, creating a healthy body and so enhance the natural healing ability.