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Eraser-SE Smoke Evacuator

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About Eraser-SE Smoke Evacuator

Eraser-SE is a filter for reducing the Poisonous odour and smoke generated by laser operation and Surgical operations.
Especially it is Designed with high absorption force, Convenience of functioning and quiet Performance of the centre motor pump.
It is a triple filter via activated carbon fibre As absorption of the exterior air by a Vacuum hose.


  • Remove the generating things malodorous, hazardous fumes, viruses and horny layers of skin during the operation.

  • Very quiet sound under the operation.

  • Exact filtering through the filter is composed of special formations.

  • Simple to move, Easy to use.


Input power: AC 220 V, 50 ~ 60 Hz

Power Consumption: 840 W

Noise: < 55 dB(A)

Dimension: 325 mm(W) x 325 mm(L) x 655 mm(H)

Weight: 23 kg

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