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About ADVATx Laser

ADVATx is the world’s most advanced solid-state yellow laser for effective treatment of vascular abnormalities, acne, scars, warts and wrinkles. Advance in technology, but simple to use. ADVATx was developed for physicians who are looking for the most advanced solutions for highly desired treatments, without pain, downtime or expensive consumables.
Multiple wavelengths, single spot or fractional delivery allow the physicians to customize the treatment to achieve immediate visible results, with no pain or unwanted side effects like bruising, purpura or scaring.

Patented PulSync™ Technology

Initially, 2 wavelengths are generated by two separated laser systems at 1064nm and 1319nm. PulSync then synchronizes (blends) both wavelengths before the resulting beam is fed through a non-linear crystal, transforming the beam into a single 589nm, pure yellow wavelength.
PulSync generates a continuous beam consisting of multiple short pulses. For example, a 20ms pulse consists of 240 short pulses. The interval after each pulse allows the diffusion of heat, which allows to increase the temperature of the target gradually while preserving the surrounding tissues, and without creating purpura. Compared to continuous lasers and single-pulse lasers, the therapeutic window is increased, which explains why the use of a cold system is not mandatory.

Multiple Indications

As the world’s only solid-state laser producing both 589nm and 1319nm wavelength. ADVATx hsa over 15 FDA/CE cleared indications including vascular conditions, acne, scares, warts and wrinkles.

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