About RE-COLLAGEN® Advanced Hair Formula (Men)

Specific for MEN’s hair which is weak, fragile and with difficulty in regrowth.

Customized Solutions based on vegetal amino acids to support the growth, slow down the loss and nourish hair and nails.

The problems related to the weakening of hair and nails are common to both genders, but their treatment requires active ingredients dedicated to WOMEN rather than to MEN. For this reason, PromoPharma® has created 2 distinct supplements, for WOMEN and MEN that act on the contributing factors at different levels.


  • Improves blood circulation at scalp level
  • Revitalizes hair follicle
  • Generate new hair growth

Active Ingredients


1)Stimulate collagen and keratin neoformation

The structure of hair and nails it is mainly formed by collagen and keratin. Re-Collagen’s Woman pro­vides amino acids to the body and other necessary active ingredients to form these Important structu­ral proteins of hair and nails.

2)Improve skin microcirculation

Improve microcirculatlon at the level of the scalp it has the be­neficial effect of Increasing the amount of oxygen and nutrien­ts available for the bulbs. Hair is stronger and more vital.

3)Slow down the aging of hair cells

Some medicinal therapies, pollu­tion and stress, generate a greater release of free radicals in the orga­nism that reflect on the health of the skin outbuildings resulting in dull and weakened hair.

Green tea combined with Millet

Counteract hairloss

The more common hormonal type of permanent baldness is andro­genetic alopecia, directly related to the conversion of testosterone In dihydrotestosterone (DHT), whe­re the hair follicles are particularly sensitive, and that determines a shortening of the anagen phase of the growth cycle of the hair, and the resulting hair loss.


What is the key ingredient in Re-Collagen® Advanced Hair Formula and how does it help grow fuller hair?

ATV Complex is Re-Collagen® Advanced Hair Formula’s key ingredient.

The ATV complex contains mainly 3 groups of ingredients:

(1) Glycine, Proline and Hydroxyproline – Amino Acids that help the body build its own collagen, and also build keratin.

Collagen makes up more than 70% of the dermis at the hair roots. Collagen protects the layer of skin that contains the hair roots, and is required for a strong and healthy scalp. Therefore an increase in collagen could maintain a healthy dermis and prevent hair thinning.

Hair is primarily made up of the protein keratin. Proline in ATV complex is the main component of keratin, thus helps the body create hair.

(2) Cystine, Methionine – Cystine and Methionine are essential amino acids in the formation of hair and skin, having a positive effect on hair growth

(3) Taurine, Arginine – Taurine and Arginine improve skin microcirculation in the scalp, promoting hair growth

How long do I have to take Re-Collagen® Advanced Hair Formula before I can see results?

In some users, after 1 month of Re-Collagen® Advanced Hair Formula, hair loss is noticeably lessened. However, we recommend consuming Re-Collagen® Advanced Hair Formula over a 6-month period to see positive results. However, some individuals may notice a difference in as little as 3 or 4 months.

Is it suitable for vegetarians?

Re-Collagen® Advanced Hair Formula is produced from 100% vegetal amino acids and non-animal sources, and therefore is suitable for vegetarians.

How do Serenoa and Nettle in Re-Collagen® Advanced Hair Formula for Men help prevent hair loss?

Male baldness is caused by conversion of testosterone in DHT, which attaches to receptors to miniaturize hair follicles. Hair follicles shrink, weaken and eventually die.

Serenoa (also known as Saw Palmetto) and Nettle are able to inhibit the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase, which in turn inhibits the conversion of testosterone in DHT. This reduces hairloss.

What is the difference between Re-Collagen® Advanced Hair Formula and other supplements for hair-loss that target collagen?

Re-Collagen® Advanced Hair Formula contains free amino acids, while the majority of other collagen supplements for hair contain much larger molecules like collagen peptides or hydrolyzed collagen. Clinical studies show that amino acids are absorbed much more quickly by the body, and are more efficiently utilized than larger collagen peptide molecules to form tissues such as skin.

Once absorbed by the body, the amino acids in Re-Collagen® Advanced Hair Formula are used by the body to boost the body’s own formation of collagen, which results in thicker hair.

I have been losing hair for quite a while. Is it better to treat hair loss early?

It is recommended to begin Re-Collagen® Advanced Hair Formula early. It is the best way to preserve remaining hair, and create regrowth of lost hair. However, more advanced hair loss also benefits from Re-Collagen® Advanced Hair Formula.

What is the daily dosage?

Two sticks a day. One stick taken with breakfast, another stick taken before bedtime. Re-Collagen® Advanced Hair Formula does not have to be taken on an empty stomach, making it convenient and a tasty addition to meals or in between meals.

Other collagen products may have to be taken on an empty stomach, because their molecules are larger and require taking without food, which may be a hassle in your daily routine.


What is the country of origin of Re-Collagen® Advanced Hair Formula?

Re-Collagen® Advanced Hair Formula is researched and developed in Italy, and also manufactured in Italy.

Will consumption cause any side effects?

Re-Collagen® Advanced Hair Formula is made from 100% plant-based amino acids and drug free. It contains ingredients found naturally in food, and hence is safe for consumption.