What is pk24 Advanced?

pk24 Advanced is the first and only clinically tested vaginal firming cream. It is specially formulated to help restore muscle elasticity of the interior vaginal wall. pk24 is able to regain the youthfulness of a women’s vaginal wall due to its is safe and proprietary bland of ingredients.

What are the results?

pk24 Advanced brings desired youthfulness to an important personal part of the body, renewing a sense of confidence and empowerment. During clinical trials, 89% of subjects report an increase in sensation, improving intimacy with their partner.

Works in as little as 10 minutes

Firming and improve muscle elasticity in internal vaginal walls for approximately 24 hours

No risks, expensive invasive surgery or recovery time

Safe & natural proprietary blend of FDA-approved ingredients, manufactured in the USA

Lightweight, non-irritating, convenient and easy to use

Result from temporary to permanent

Formulated, manufactured and imported from the USA