Lavijue Wrinkle Care Serum

  • Stimulate Collagen
  • Stimulate Cell Growth
  • Skin Brightening
  • Skin Firming & Tightening
  • Anti-Wrinkle
  • Pore Tightening

Liposome is a tiny bubble (Vesicle), made out of the same material as the cell membrane. Liposomes can be used to deliver ingredients and actives to the cells where they will be used.

EGF/FGF (Known to be the best ingredients for skin regeneration)
EGF stimulates cell growth and proliferation. FGF is responsible for the formation of skin structural materials like collagen, elastin and glucosamin glycan.

TXA (Tranexamic Acid)
It effectively prevents darkening of the skin and used as anti-pigmentation. It functions on the skin as a barrier repair ingredient and able to help skin recovers from damage.

PDRN (Polydeoxyribnucleotide)
PDRN is extracted from salmon sperm tissue regeneration DNA. It is almost identical to human DNA. It promotes tissue, cell regeneration and wound healing.

Niacinamide is a derivative of Vitamin B3 that suppresses melanin from reaching the surface of the skin and protects the skin from further UV damage.

y-PGA (Poly-Glutamic Acid)
It retains moisture for a longer period of time. Compare to HA, it has more than 5 times of the retaining ability.

Evening Primrose Flower Extract
An powerful ingredient for common skin woes like acne and wrinkles. It’s packed with Omega 6 fatty acid which is crucial for healthy skin.

To reduce the appearance of wrinkles and finelines. Increase overall cell count to create youthful skin.